Experienced business consultants who help clients capture new business


Business Development

  • Built a Business Development organization and developed a new business pipeline from the ground up for a $47M services company. Result: a $90M company and a $700M pipeline of new business within two years.
  •  Developed the transition plans and led the transition teams for multiple $75M+ contract awards.   
  • Established  senior client relationships, defined business opportunities, and  managed projects related to E-Business and Government-to-Citizen  services, communications infrastructure, and applications outsourcing.   
  •  Led  the turn-around of an underperforming European based sales organization  ($51M revenue target) and built an operation that could attain its  P&L objectives.  
  • Led acquisition and integration activities for multiple corporate acquisitions.   
  • Lead  for multiple new business capture and proposal efforts for contracts  ranging in size from $30M-150M+ in total revenue opportunity.   
  • Created  a new revenue channel for a services company by establishing a security  assurance business practice that led to new commercial accounts, entry  into new government agencies, and expansion of existing contracts.   ü Led the evaluation and selection process for a $30M investment in a branch banking applications suite for a $35B regional bank.    
  • Led the implementation of a project life-cycle management methodology for one of the world’s largest entertainment companies.   
  • Established new business capture and proposal processes for companies ranging in size from $47M to $1B in revenue.   
  • Doubled business unit revenue over a two year period from $21M to $42M for an IT systems integration and services company.   
  • Led planning and execution activities for merging two formally separate companies into one integrated corporate entity  

Employee Communications

  • Implemented employee blog to improve communication across seven health care facilities and 10,000 employees, using the WordPress platform.
  • Developed and implemented award-winning employee newsletter focused on organization strategic goals.

Media Relations

  • Conducted media training, with experiential component, to prepare senior executives to meet with press.
  • Developed integrated communication plans to keep public apprised of organization activities.
  • More than 25 years experience in building relationships with media representatives.